Software Support Service Agreement Sample

Software Support Service Agreement Sample: What You Need to Know

If you are providing software support services to clients, it is essential to have a solid software support service agreement in place. This agreement helps to clarify expectations, responsibilities, and obligations between you and your clients. As a copy editor with experience in SEO, I am going to guide you through the essential elements of a standard software support service agreement sample.

Definition of terms

The first section of the agreement should define key terms that will be used throughout the agreement. This section should identify parties involved and establish the scope of the agreement. It should also outline the services to be provided, including any limitations or exclusions.

Duration of the Agreement

It is vital to describe the duration of the agreement, such as the start and end date. Additionally, consider the renewal terms of the agreement and how the contract can be terminated. Both parties should agree on the renewal period and termination options.

Service Availability

Specify the availability of your support service, including service hours, days of the week and response times. The response time should be based on the service level agreements (SLAs) and cover all types of support, including email, phone, and remote sessions.

Pricing and Payment

Here you should outline the pricing model for providing your support services. It is important to be clear about payment terms and how they are structured. Explain how payment will be made, whether in installments or as a lump sum.

Service Responsibilities

This section should outline the specific responsibilities of both parties. Explain what the client is responsible for and what you will do to fulfil your obligations. It is important to discuss the steps you will take when resolving an issue, including escalation procedures.

Intellectual Property

Defining ownership of the software and intellectual property rights is crucial. Your agreement should specify that you maintain ownership of any intellectual property that you or your contractors create while providing support services. Additionally, document any intellectual property transferred from the client and indemnify yourself against unauthorized use.

Warranty Disclaimer

Your software support agreement should include a warranty disclaimer that limits your liability for any damages or losses incurred by your clients. This section should state that the client assumes all risk associated with software use and that you are not liable for any consequential damages.


A software support service agreement is essential in protecting both your business and clients. It is important to have all the necessary information upfront to avoid potential disputes in the future. A clear, concise agreement will help to establish expectations, build trust and protect both parties. Ensure that your agreement includes the essential elements discussed above to provide a solid foundation for your software support services.